Your new place
awaits you!

Now that doesn't mean you're going to pack your bags and move to another country, although it's possible but improbable; however, what I want to talk to you about today is the adventures of ascending! Having the audacity to Scale new heights and occupy more significant territory is incredibly rewarding. I believe innately we all know there's more, and settling for less than God's best is extremely painful. It takes courage to elevate above your familiar zone.

After all, it's comfortable there. It takes boldness to ascend to your next level of extraordinary living. Remember, Jesus paid the ultimate price on Calvary's cross for you to live the abundant life, not a stuffy, stale, stuck life! But rather a life that the message Bible shares in Romans 5:17 "What's next, Papa?" Ready to ascend into new dimensions growing and evolving. You'll be standing in new places and spaces. Ascension happens within one's self before it ever manifests outwardly. It all begins within, whether it's ascending in your daily living, family life, business, soul prosperity, world impact, innovation, creativity, achievement, and more. It's leveling up to the new and improved you that Christ created you to be. A better version of you will always find itself rooted in Christ and his intent of you expressing his glory in the earth. Ascending to a new reality requires a paradigm shift.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Jesus Girl Summit is a gathering for women and men from around the world. JGS 2023 is open to anyone ages 10 and up with a paid registration.
Jesus Girl Summit 2023 will be held at Virginia State University Arena located at 20809 2nd Avenue Chesterfield, Va 23893
Pink Diamond (VIP)
Pink Diamond is our JGS VIP experience with a special entrance , special floor seating, and an exclusive Pink Diamond event with Medina

Preferred Seating
The Preferred Seating Level is floor seating behind Pink Diamond and the upper level, and you will have access to the entire JGS experience with the exception of the Pink Diamond event!

General Admission
General admission seating is our upper arena seating. You will have access to the entire JGS experience with the exception of the Pink Diamond event!
Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be transferred. If for any reason you can’t attend in person, we can give you access to the virtual pass. For questions, please email
Yes, parking is free on the premises at Virginia State University Arena.
Meals will not be provided for the general public, however the arena will have food for sale in the concession area.
Yes, a limited number of vendor booths will be available at this year’s JGS. For more information, contact
Yes, there will be specific hotel and airline information provided. Please reference our conference website and all social media channels for updated information.
Yes, we will be accepting volunteer applications at a later date. Please reference our conference website for more details.
Children ages 10 and up are able to attend JGS but they must be registered. We do not provide childcare, therefore children must be under parental supervision at all times.